FAQ about Bike Tail Light

FAQ about Bike Tail Light

Question: How is the visibility of the light signals in daylight?. Are the signals bright enough to be seen in bright daylight?

Answer: Yes they are bright enough to be seen in broad daylight


Question:  Is there an accelerometer to turn on the brake light when actually braking?

Answer: There is a direct brake light button on the remote, my friend.


Question: Does the brake light need to be manually turned on, or is there an auto-sense that picks up when the breaks are applied?

Answer: You will need to manually activate the brake light. There is no sensor.


Question: Can this be modified to attach to a rear bicycle license plate, do you think?

Answer: Yes, I have bolted it to the back of a top box and the controller on the handlebars. Works fine.


Question: Can you attach the light fixture to a horizontal bar?

Answer: Yes, I have attached it to a box on the back of my golf cart with a bolt and nut by modifying the clamp to be flat which allows me to remove it for charging remotely. As it operates via Bluetooth it is very handy and inexpensive to solving the problem of a rear light and turn signals without wires.


Question: I have a bike trailer for my toddler will the remote range work if I put the light on the rear of the trailer? Or will it only work for my bicycle?

Answer: It will work on the trailer


Question: How does the light know when you are breaking or stopping? What triggers it

Answer: It’s all manual. You use an available finger or thumb.


Question: Does the brake signal override the turn signal, or will the turn direction keep flashing whilst braking?

Answer: Yes, the turn signal will also flash when braking.


Question: Can this be mounted to the front and the remote-mounted upside-down for the correct direction?

Answer: It comes with a seat post clamp. So if you have a bar on the front big enough to allow the clamp to hold it securely, then YES. I made my clamp work on the rear rack mount on my e-bike. Looks factory. The controller transmitter for the handlebar can be mounted opposite the correct way to achieve the reversed direction … see more


Question: How do you remove the lights and remote for charging?

Answer: The backlight has amount and you can slide the light off and on easily, the remote clamps on and it bit more of a challenge, because you have to remove the whole thing but it’s not hard by any means.


Question: Can two of the light units pair with a single remote?

Answer: Yes, a single remote control can match multiple light units.

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