FAQ about Dog Anti Bark Collar

FAQ about Dog Anti Bark Collar

Question: Is the beep/shock safe for my dog?

Answer: Absolutely Safe! Though beep/shock maybe unpleasant, but they are all designed within secure range and will not cause any harm for your dog. The key point of training is interaction between the owner and the pet, with the supports of these function, to achieve desired result.

Question: How old does my dog have to be before using Collar?

Answer: Dogs should be at least 6 months old before using the Collar.

Question: Once my dog is trained and do not bark for a long time, will he have to continue to wear the Collar?

Answer: Don’t need to wear it every time, if necessary, sometimes you need to strengthen the results when wearing it.

Question: Does the collar beep/ Shock to my dog all the time if he do not stop barking?

Answer: No, if the Collar can’t stop your dog’s bark within 80 seconds, the unit will stop working for 1 minute. The Collar is not intended for the punishment but for the reinforcement of behavior modification of pets.

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