FAQ about Dog Training Collars

FAQ for Dog Training Collars

Question: Does this device have an auto setting where it will automatically shock or vibrate when the dog barks?

Answer: No. It is 100% MANUAL remote which we believe is the most effective and safe for your loved ones.

Question: Does this work for very small dogs? I have a 6.4 and a 7.4lb  baby?

Answers: Yes it is adjustable to smaller dogs and you can also adjust the static from 1 to 16.

Question: How do you charge the collar and the remote?

Answers: It comes with a charging cord that splits so you can charge both the remote and collar at the same time..

Question: How to set the shock level, and how to set the vibration level?

Answers: Please press 1/2 button and hold 3 seconds, it will change from vibration to static shock or from static shock to vibration.

Question: Where can I reorder rubber tips my Pitbull has had this collar for years and the tips wore off

Answers: Contact customer support directly and we will try to help you.

Question: My dog is so scared that he just hides and doesn’t listen. What do you do then?

Answers: The first thing you need to steer away from is the trying to comfort your dog while it is exhibiting fear and hiding away, especially toning down your voice and petting the dog. You will be rewarding bad behavior. This only reinforces that she/he is doing the right thing by being scared.
You want to do is identify what the dog is afraid of and introduce whatever it is in a controlled manner and environment.

Question: I can’t get the collar to shock, is there a trick that I’m missing?

Answers: That has happened to me a couple of times, but I discovered I had accidentally switched to “Dog 2” from “Dog 1”. If that’s your problem, you can fix it by pressing the 1/2 button at the bottom. The only other problem might be that the handheld unit and the collar are not “paired”. There are instructions in the booklet on that. If neither of these is the issue, I don’t know unless somehow the battery isn’t charged sufficiently in one of them.

Answers: Can you leave this on your dog overnight to curve night barking?

Question: The instructions, I believe say do not leave it on over 12 hours.

Answers: Do you put metal contact points ( screw-like things) on when using the only tone and vibrate?

Question: Yes, we do! When you use the vibrate then the dog will feel it on their neck with the metal connectors.

Answers: Can my dog wear it while swimming? Is it waterproof for swimming?
Question: Yes. Make sure the charging port has it’s rubber plug reinserted

Answers: Any idea why shock quit working?

Question: Here are some tips about ‘Shock’ mode:
Tip 1.press and hold the 1/2 button for about 5 seconds to start the ‘shock’ mode.TIP 2.press the up/down button(on the side of the remote) to adjust the shock levels( 1-16 levels).TIP 3. The maximum amount of time you can press the shock button and deliver a shock to your pet continuously is 10 seconds.

Answers:  Is the remote also waterproof?
Question: hi, The receiver collar is IPX7 waterproof, and the remote is not waterproof.

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