FAQ about EKEN Videobell

FAQ about EKEN Videobell

Question: My signal is poor on my doorbell?

Answer: Your doorbell may be too far away from your wireless router or you may have some obstructions in between that reduce signal strength. You might try repositioning your router or getting a signal extender/repeater for your wireless router.

Question: How do I RESET the doorbell?

Answer: Press and hold the RESET button for 6 seconds.

Question: How many users can view the video at the same time?

Answer: Up to 4 users may view the video feed, but only 1 user can use the direct intercom. Both iOS and Android are compatible.

Question: Is 5GHz WiFi supported?

Answer: No. Only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported.

Question: I order with battery, why I can’t turn on the camera?

Answer: All battery sent with an Insulating film, you shall move out it before you use.

Question: Is the night mode on auto at night?

Answer: Yes, It build-in Photosensitive chip, Night mode will on auto at night.

Question: My house is a villa, I don’t want the camera doorbell to call me always. How can I do it?

Answer: In the setting, you can Turn off the PIR detection. Then it will not call you if nobody click the doorbell button.

Question: Sometimes, the camera will disconnection in my phone, how can I do?

Answer: Transfer wifi connect to 4G, or transfer 4G to wifi. and then restart the APP. If the problem can’t be solved, then restart the doorbell.

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