FAQ about Radio

FAQ about Radio

Question: If I don’t want to use its solar or the crank is there a way to plug this radio into a larger solar generator utilizing its USB ports?

Answer: If you don’t want to use the solar charging as well as the hand crank charging method for emergency radios, you can charge the emergency radios via Micro USB (either via the charging head or the larger solar charging device you mentioned will work)!desired result.

Question: Is there a way to know when the radio needs charge?

Answer: Yes. When the power is on, you can see the percentage of power left. It has 4 settings.

Question: If we have an EMP attack, and there are still analog stations to receive, will this work?

Answer: Sorry to let you know that all of our products do not have EMP protection

Question: Does this require battery?

Answer: It comes with 2 18650 batteries on its own, this battery is replaceable

Question: Cranking time = how much charge time?

Answer: Crank 1 minute at the speed of 130 rpm = high beam for 30 minutes or radio for six minutes. However, fully charged the far beam will last 16 hours The reading lamp 20 hours or the radio 2,000 minutes. Just wanted to say the solar charge works great.

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